Shipping Conditions


Shipping Options

Shipment with a delivery company - This is the standard delivery option available for customers all over Germany. We ship with DHL . They will provide a tracking number and link to help trace the progress of the package.DHL is solely responsible / liable for shipping .

Shipping costs are 

Shopping Value  Shipping Price   Notes
upto 39€ 4.99€ / box  Max weight of 1x Box is 30Kgs 
above 39€   free  Max weight of 1x Box is 30Kgs 



  • We pay the delivery costs if the order is over 39€ within Germany.
  • Shipment through DHL costs 4.99 €, for 30 Kgs  (within Germany).
  • The packages are sent from Monday to Friday. Working days are only from Monday to Friday.
  • On Average it takes 3 working days for the order to reach the customer after dispatch. Range of Delivery cycle time is 2 to 6 working days 
  • Only 30 kgs can be sent in one box according to shipment regulations. 
  • If the package returns back to us because the address or name on the doorbell was wrong, or the recipient is unknown, shipping may be charged (per box) for re-sending the package.
  • Packages that gets returned to us (for any reason) cost 5 €. This cost may or may not be transferred to the customer depending on the circumstances and at the company's discretion.
  • If an order that has already been shipped, gets returned to us because the customer does not want it anymore and needs to be cancelled, shipment cost will be deducted from the order amount at the time of refund. Price of products that are damaged in this process will not be returned.


Problems with Delivery

You see the wrong address on the tracking website?

Please check your shipping address before  order confirmation. We ship to the delivery address that you entered when ordering.

You have received only part of your order?

30Kg is the maximum weight allowed per box by the shipping company in Germany. In case your order is more than 30Kgs please wait for the second box.You can track the shipping status in your account

Hints to Track your shipment status:


  • Please always check the tracking email and check the latest status again.
  • In case your parcel is in a post office and you are asked to pick it up from there, you as a recipient can ask for a second delivery to your doorstep. Please fill this form to request a second delivery attempt. Please fill the form carefully with the information from the paper note you found in your mailbox and/or the tracking link and make sure you get a confirmation email in the end because sometimes the pages just reload instead of confirming.
  • DHL customer hotline number - 0228 4333112. Please keep your tracking number handy if you need to give them a call.
  • Please carry your passport or personal id proof if you need to collect the package from a DHL pack station.

Delay in Shipping 

  • In case of delay, please track the order yourself using the tracking link sent by the shipment companies.
  • In rare cases, the box can get damaged during transit by DHL. In this case, the DHL usually repacks the box at their center and delivers. This can cause an additional delay of 2-4 days.